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BlooM Demo v1.666 - Gameplays

Actualizado: 2 de dic de 2019

Greetings doomers and bloodites!

During these days some Youtubers did a very interesting gameplays of our newest release, so we want to show it here to you guys enjoy!

BlooM Review - by Shadow Realm Gaming

A complete review of the mod BlooM v1.666

BlooM playthrough in GZDooM - by Antonivs (our beta-tester)

A playthrough level by level running BlooM under GZDooM

BlooM playthrough in Zandronum - by Martinoz

A playthough of all the Demo levels running BlooM under Zandronum

BlooM v1.666 + DooM II Dark World (levels 1-6) by Martinoz

A gameplay that mix BlooM with Dark World vanilla maps

BlooM Demo v1.666 gameplay under GZDooM - by Brian Campbell

First Playthrough Ultra-Crispy

BlooM v1.666 - Demo Playthrough by DderNabroc

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